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A thorough home inspection takes an average of 3 hours from start to finish…It may vary depending on the size/age of the home; if there are special instructions;  or if there are additional inspection services required such as; Thermal Imaging or additional out buildings like workshops or suites. At the end of your inspection, Insight Home Inspections provides you with a same-day comprehensive electronic copy of the report complete with detailed photos. This custom, full-color easy-to-read report will prove to be an extremely valuable tool you will rely on as you evaluate investing in any type of property.

If you are out-of-town or unable to attend the inspection, Insight Home Inspections will email you an electronic copy of your complete report and schedule a time to review our findings and discuss recommendations with you over the phone.

Even after Insight Home Inspections has completed inspecting your home, we are committed to offering our clients expert knowledge and advice and we are always available for online or telephone consultations.

Your Insight Home Inspection includes a thorough, professional visual & operation inspection of all accessible systems & components of your home.

  • Structure & Foundation
  • Plumbing Systems & Fixtures
  • Electrical Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Roof & Attics
  • Basement or Crawl Spaces
  • Windows & Doors
  • Gutters & Drainage
  • Walls, Floors & Ceilings
  • Porches, Decks & Handrails
  • Furnaces & Air Conditioners
  • Water & Air Quality Concerns
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Lights & Receptacles
  • Fireplace & Chimneys
  • Garage or Carport
  • Sub-Standard Materials & Workmanship
  • Land Topography
  • Evidence of Underground Oil Tanks
  • Mould, Pest or Insect Presence
  • Asbestos Materials

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